The Leon Football Program will strive to get exposure for all players. However, parents and players should please be proactive in the recruitment process. This starts with good grades, attending all practices, working hard, and strong performance. The Leon Program has very limited funds for combines, clinics, camps and 7-on-7 tournaments. Our program must follow strict FHSAA and NCAA rules regarding player travel and the funding of events and college visits. The Leon Coaches will work with you to explain specific opportunities and any restrictions. Our Recruiting Coordinator is Head Coach Garrett Jahn, JahnG@LeonSchools.net or 863-599-8538. 

  • Start early!
  • Your player can visit potential colleges online, where most will have a "Prospect Questionnaire" on the school's football page. This is a great and free way to get on a school's radar. Be prepared with player stats, grades, and Leon's basic contact information.
  • Clean up your social media. College Prospect Questionnaires will ask for a player's facebook link and other social media connections. Coaches frequently google prospects. Remove inappropriate posts and be sure to tag and highlight positive sports, academic and volunteer events.
  • Send your academic accomplishments, other sport victories, and volunteer activities (with pictures please) to Lisa@CareyCottage.com for posting on our Leon Lions facebook page and Twitter account. Exposure & player "branding" helps!
  • Hudl Account - Players should keep their Hudl account up to date and work on highlights. Every player has a free Hudl account.
  • Good Grades = Good Opportunities! Please remember the NCAA has a minimum GPA requirement for core classes, in addition to specific college admission requirements.
  • Prepare to take the SAT & ACT multiple times. Start early. The NCAA and most colleges now "super score" - taking your best scores from each test you take. You cannot super score different versions of the SAT test. Prepare for the new SAT with free practice tests at https://www.khanacademy.org/sat
  • There are many scholarship opportunities outside of D1. Consider all options. A full ride to a top D2 or NAIA school may be a better fit.
  • Create free recruitment profiles online and stay up-to-date by reading online recruitment articles.
  • Let Recruiting Coordinator Coach Jahn know when you are contacted by a college - via email, phone or letter.
  • Register for your official NCAA number and get the NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete - eligibility rules can change. https://web3.ncaa.org/ECWR2/NCAA_EMS/NCAA.jsp

Recruitment Companies (this list is not an endorsement):

National Collegiate Scholarship Association (NCSA)
Has some great resources for Parents and students regarding the recruiting process. Create a complimentary basic profile.

GoBigRecruiting allows college coaches to view potential player profiles. It is free to set up your profile. When a coach wants to see more info on a player, they will alert you via email & text. Then for a small fee (anywhere from $8 to $1) Go Big will share your highlight film, profile & contact info. (If you have a better way to get film to the college, such as your Leon coach or family connection, or direct, you have no obligation to spend money to send it via their service.)