Our program needs your participation to be successful. Each family is asked to please volunteer at at least one event or game.

VOLUNTEERS SHOULD REGISTER ANNUALLY with Leon County Schools at https://volunteers.leonschools.net/Volunteers/
Why is this important??? This is how LCS tracks who may serve as an approved volunteer and how they wish to be involved. LCS only provides Workman's Compensation Insurance (accident) for registered and approved volunteers who are in the LCS master volunteer database. Volunteers are required to answer background questions regarding their criminal history. IMPORTANT GUIDELINES 1) volunteers must sign in at school before proceeding to their assignment (when/if school is open); 2) volunteers may not dispense any medications to students or players; 3) volunteers may not administer any form of corporal (physical) punishment to a student or player; 4) volunteers must respect a student's right to confidentiality (grades, health, attendance, test scores, family background information, etc.; 5) School Board Policy 2430.01 . . . Volunteer Program requires that a sexual offender/predator check be performed on ALL school volunteers.

If you cannot fill a leadership position, please contribute by volunteering. We need help with: concession workers, grill master, merchandise sales at games & events (work the table), game day program committee members, serve pre-game meals, work chain gang at games & scrimmages.

Our greatest needs are funding and food. Please encourage your extended family, friends and the businesses that you frequent to support our program. We are in great need of Pre Game Meal Donors or contributions to purchase the meals. Checks can be mailed to the Leon Touchdown Club at P.O. Box 3315, Tallahassee, Florida 32315. Pre Game Meal restaurant sponsors should plan to feed 70-80 people with a protein, starch and green.  We will pick up and serve & give the restaurant credit & advertising.  Donations of player snack food including protein bars, protein shakes, treats & fresh produce are always appreciated. Food can be dropped off at the field house.