Leon Football Upcoming Dates

Date                                              Event                             Time                             Location
5/5/18                              Family Fun Day                      9am - 1pm                       Leon High School

5/10/18                            Red & White Game                 6 pm                               Leon High School
* Admission is $5 or a donation to the field house of Oxy Clean Detergent, Clorox Wipes, or Lysol Spray

5/1/518                            Touch Down Club Meeting        6pm                                Leon Field House
*All people interested in getting involved with supporting the team are welcome!

5/17/18                           Spring Game                           6pm                                Leon High School
*Admission is $6 per person.  Game will be three halfs. First half, FAMU DRS versus Gadsden. Second half, Leon versus Gadsden. Third half Leon versus FAMU DRS.

5/31/18                          Freshmen Football Orientation    6pm                               Leon Field House
*If your player will be new to the team for the upcoming season, this is the meeting for you.

6/4/18                           Summer Pracitce Starts             8:30am- 11am                  Leon High School
* Players MUST have physicals and ALL forms filled out to pracitce. Ends July 26. Week of July 4 is off.

7/30/18                         Fall Practice starts                     TBA

8/4/18                           Beef O' Brady's Pancake Breakfast fundraiser for "On the Field" playback tent/ equipment
**More information will be on the website soon. (Our goal is to raise $2000 for a tent, viewing screen, and playback equipment)

8/8/18                           Kick off Dinner                         6pm                                Leon Cafeteria

8/11/18                        Football Yard Sale
* More information will be on the website soon.