Head Coach Garrett Jahn can be reached at JahnG@leonschools.net or 863-599-8538.  Coach Jahn is a former Leon player and a member of the Leon Football Hall of Fame. Jahn played on the collegiate level at Florida Atlantic University as a quarterback and is in the FAU Hall of Fame. 

2021 - 2022 Coaches

Head Coach: Garrett Jahn
Offensive Coordinator: Ken Bishop
Offensive Line: Zach Allen
Running Backs: Steve Grimes
Quarterbacks: Garrett Jahn
Wide Receivers: Garrett Jahn and Emory Wilhite
Defensive Coordinator: William Mosley
Outside Linebackers: Stefan Melichar
Defensive Line: Corey Gaines and William Mosley
Defensive Backs: Steve Grimes and Ray Swanson
Special Teams: Steve Grimes
Offense Assistants: Emory Wilhite and DJ Marcelle

Junior Varsity:

JV Head Coach: Corey Gaines
Offensive Coordinator: Emory Wilhite
Offensive Line: Allen Copeland and Michael Fahey
Running Backs: Adolph Toussaint
Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers: Emory Wilhite
Defensive Coordinator: Corey Gaines
Outside Linebackers: Ray Swanson
Inside Linebackers: Stefan Melichar
Defensive Line: Corey Gaines
Defensive Backs: Ray Swanson
Special Teams: Emory Wilhite
Offense Assistant: DJ Marcelle
Strength Trainer: Michael Fahey
Athletic Director: Mark Feely
Athletic Trainer: Alan Morales
Student Trainers
Isabel Guerra-Sepulveda
Aolani Toussaint
Zhane McCall
Zykerria Bagley 
Zy’Yah Kyler
Natory Hannah
Kellen Johnson 
Madison McNealy 
A’dream Morales 
Tamiyah Ransom 
Shania Nettles